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8 Mile (2002)

A young rapper, struggling with every aspect of his life, wants to make the most of what could be his final opportunity but his problems around gives him doubts.

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The Synopsis for 8 Mile (2002) 720p

A rap version of "Saturday Night Fever." B-Rabbit, a wannabe rapper from the wrong side of Detroit's 8 Mile, has problems: he dumps his girlfriend when she tells him she's pregnant; to save money to make a demo tape, he moves into his alcoholic mom's trailer; his job's a dead end, and he's just choked at the local head-to-head rap contest. Things improve when he meets Alex - an aspiring model headed for New York - and a fast-talking pal promises to set up the demo. Then new setbacks: Alex isn't faithful, mom rejects him, rifts surface with his friends, and he's mugged by rivals. Everything hinges on the next rap showdown at the club. Can B-Rabbit pull truth out of his cap?

The Director and Players for 8 Mile (2002) 720p

[Director]Curtis Hanson
[Role:Stephanie Smith]Kim Basinger
[Role:Alex]Brittany Murphy

The Reviews for 8 Mile (2002) 720p

Explosive, 21st Century Take on the Macho Rock 'n' Roll MovieReviewed bynoraleeVote: 9/10

"8 Mile" forcefully brings rock' n' roll movies into the 21st century.

While it has striking similarities to Elvis Presley and Beatles movies in how it uses autobiographical elements to make its similarly charismatic lead star comfortable in a new medium to sort of present his own story, Curtis Hanson's direction and the cinematography of Rodrigo Prieto (of "Amores Perros") create a thrilling environment for him to explode.

Like "L.A. Confidential," Hanson is terrific at getting up close in macho environments and bringing us right into their verbal and actual violence. While I'm quite sure my ignorance of hip hop slang and culture led me to miss references and the point of much conversation, it did seem to me that Hanson captured the why and how behind Eminem's rage.

The movie's climax is the epiphany when his constructive genius takes over as he learns to channel his anger into his lyrics, and to even take it a level beyond the insulting toasting of the local Detroit battle-of-the-rappers to forge a new persona (what will eventually become Slim Shady among other images) and a new kind of rap that will sweep the nation.

It is ironic that here in Detroit (or as the dialog and the credits call it - the 313) how few of the young adults have cars (even though Eminem's character is working in an auto parts plant), and are constantly cadging rides from each other to avoid the humiliation of taking the bus.

Of course the women in this desolate Motor City, that is an urban recall of the "Mad Max" movies, are either beloved innocents or are traitorously duplicitous; I was taken aback how much of a calculating groupie Brittany Murphy's character is, unlike the usual devoted, loyal girlfriend in such movies.

If the closing song is originally written for the movie (and I don't know if the sing-along audience had seen the movie before or knew the soundtrack), it should be considered for Academy Award "Best Song" as it brilliantly describes the movie and the character's post-life.

It was not appropriate, however, for a parent in the row behind me to bring a small child to this film (and not just because the kid talked through the whole movie); even if they expose them to profanity-laded rap music at home, this is a mature movie with mature scenes that would be quite disturbing to young children.

(originally written 12/15/2002)

Not great but interestingReviewed byMovieAddict2016Vote: 8/10

"8 Mile" is basically a biopic of singer Eminem. That he plays the lead character in the film just gives more reason to believe this. Kim Basinger, who plays his mother, allegedly based her own role on Eminem's accounts of his real mother.

It's about a young white rapper from Detroit who wants to make it big but has to cope with personal issues along the way, which he vents about through his music.

Curtis Hanson ("L.A. Confidential") is a surprising choice for director but it works out well - the film has a grungy, gritty urban feel to it.

The acting is pretty good - Eminem got a lot of attention when the film came out but to be fair he's really just playing himself; I wasn't in awe of his performance as some critics claimed to be. Basinger turns in a sleazy performance as his sexually active, emotionally abusive trailer park mother.

The soundtrack also features the Eminem song "Lose Yourself" - one of few rap songs I actually enjoy listening to.

Really, one of the best musicals I've ever seen.Reviewed bySpuzzlightyearVote: 10/10

I will say this, despite my reputation for hating popular movies (look at my other reviews!) I have to say that 8 Mile ranks right up there as one of the best movies I've ever seen. Certainly it's one of my favorite musicals, even though it REALLY doesn't count as a musical per se. Eminem stars as a rapper trying to Make It Big while facing, oh you know, the White Trash Blues, eg, living in a trailer park, a next to nothing job, Kim Basinger etc etc. The only thing the of course keeps his motivated is his music, and trying to make it big in Detroit. Although he is quite talented, a lot of red tape stands in his way, eg, power hungry producers, gang members, Gillian Murphy, etc etc. What an amazing debut Eminem gives here. I guess since this is partly geographical, Mathers was able to put some of his own life into the character, but, with the glut of rap stars now appearing on the silver screen, Mathers is one definite standout. It will be interesting to see how he takes on a completely different character role (like he is rumoured for in the 'Have Gun Will Travel' movie).

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