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Age of Consent (1969)

Age of Consent is a movie starring James Mason, Helen Mirren, and Jack MacGowran. An elderly artist thinks he has become too stale and is past his prime. His friend (and agent) persuades him to go to an off-shore island to try once...

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  • IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 
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The Synopsis for Age of Consent (1969) 720p

An elderly artist thinks he has become too stale and is past his prime. His friend (and agent) persuades him to go to an off-shore island to try once more. On the island he rediscovers his muse in the form of a young girl.

The Director and Players for Age of Consent (1969) 720p

[Director]Michael Powell
[Role:]James Mason
[Role:]Jack MacGowran
[Role:]Helen Mirren
[Role:]Neva Carr-Glynn

The Reviews for Age of Consent (1969) 720p

A good opportunity to see Helen Mirren...a lot of Helen Mirren in fact.Reviewed byMartinHaferVote: 8/10

This film marks the first starring role for Helen Mirren and she appears in quite a few tasteful nude scenes. Because of this, it's certainly not a film for the prudish!

James Mason plays Bradley, an aging artist who feels that his work has stagnated. So, on a whim, he decides to relocate from Sydney to the wilds of Queensland in Northeast Australia. There, he lives in a hut and has a simple but lovely life along the beach. There he meets a gorgeous young lady, Cora (Mirren) and she stimulates his creative drive...and he begins making art that he is once again proud of and wants to make more. The problem is that she is very young and he is an older man...and her disgusting grandmother thinks that there's some hanky panky going on...which there isn' least for now!

This is a slow but enjoyable film. What I appreciated is that while this is by no means a comedy, little comedic touches were used here and there. I also appreciate how different the film is. Although Mason ALSO starred in "Lolita", the tone and style of the two films are like night and day...and I prefer "Age of Consent".

First time to see Helen Mirren(several years ago)Reviewed byllawwillVote: 7/10

This is the first time seeing Helen Mirren and she is young and quite pretty. I have seen her in many other movies and at least one TV series since and I still think her on-screen presence is powerful. Although her performance showed some on-screen nudity in this, it is not in any way a bad thing. It is quite a thing of beauty. I rate the movie a 7 out of 10.

The woman who could launch a thousand ships...Reviewed byswillsquealVote: 7/10

As always, Helen Mirren is delightful to see. And James Mason finally gets to be with his Lolita. And oh, I did find Mason's mate more aggravating than an Australian fly. For those who haven't experienced them, Australian flies will just never leave you alone. They're aggressive little insects who are attracted to any body with water. Don't sweat, and yet, how can one help but sweat when Helen Mirren is around. She's a gorgeous woman, always has been and will be. A great actress too. This romp does her justice as a start in film. Don't forget to her her cameo appearance in "Oh Lucky Man", made around this same time.

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