Attack Force Z (1982) 720p YIFY Movie

Attack Force Z (1982)

Attack Force Z is a movie starring John Phillip Law, Mel Gibson, and Sam Neill. A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II.

IMDB: 5.62 Likes

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  • Run Time: 93
  • IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 
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The Synopsis for Attack Force Z (1982) 720p

A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II.

The Director and Players for Attack Force Z (1982) 720p

[Director]Tim Burstall
[Role:]John Phillip Law
[Role:]Chris Haywood
[Role:]Sam Neill
[Role:]Mel Gibson

The Reviews for Attack Force Z (1982) 720p

Like a WW2 era American propaganda film.Reviewed bySleeper-CellVote: 3/10

I was just a kid when this film came out but even then watching the trailers for it, I knew it was a turkey. For whatever reason I never watched the film itself until last night simply because it starts with an "A" and was therefore the first in a list of films.

This low budget film is known now for having Sam Neil and Mel Gibson, 2 rising stars who would star in some very big movies. I doubt that if those 2 weren't in it that this movie would still be spoken about today.

It starts promising. It has a note from the Z Force Association stating that the film takes an unflinching look at Z Force operations. Hmmmm ok let's see....

Z Force was a real life Australian Special Forces unit which operated in WW2, they performed behind the lines, risky missions. All sounds great.

The acting is pretty average, standard Aussie fare. I often wonder how people like Sam Neil and Mel Gibson started acting differently in American films. There are some Taiwanese actors in the film, in fact they outnumber the Aussie ones, there is some karate scenes which made me laugh as they looked a bit out of place and like they were thrown in because karate films were still big in 1981 and the Taiwanese actor seems to know how to do it.

The action scenes are pretty small, it makes sense that these guys wouldn't fight pitch battles against huge armies they are not Rambo's but even so they are no where near as stealthy as you would think they should be.

Overall the film is entertaining but I found myself feeling like I knew nothing more about the "Z Men" and that what I just watched was a fabrication. And a poor one at that.

Reviewed byslightlymad22Vote: 5/10/10

Continuing my plan to watch every Mel Gibson movie in order I come toAttack Force Z from 1981.

Plot In A Paragraph: A group of commandos go on a secret mission tocheck for survivors of a plane crash.

By the numbers, cliché ridden, dull, flat and instantly forgettable.There are some good individual performances, but the film, thoughproduced with efficiency and what looks like a decent budget, is toughto say great things about this movie.

It probably wasn't helped by my DVD having a poor transfer. I'd go sofar as to say if Mel Gibson and Sam Neil weren't in this movie itprobably would have even had a DVD released.

Multi-Cultural War in the Pacific!Reviewed byspookyrat1Vote: 6/10

Better than average Aussie "B" feature, where the producers have certainly gained maximum bang for their buck in more ways than one.

Let's be clear from the outset. This is a fictional story, supposedly based on the real life exploits of the Z force. The high body count pretty much attests to that. But high body counts do mean there is action and I have to admit some surprise as to how well director Tim Burstall, not really known for action films, choreographs the action sequences in this movie, bearing in mind that the budget he was working with was minimal. Still he cleverly manages to include realistically; a submarine, an exploding plane, fire - fights, martial arts and a climactic battle (of sorts). Attack Force Z may be many things, but it can't be accused of being dull.

Burstall even manages to throw in a couple of unexpected twists. One of the supporting cast members who was (and arguably still is) a very well-known Australian actor of the 70's and 80's, plays a character who barely has 5 minutes of screen time before suffering a probable unforeseen fate.

A bonus of course is we get to see both Mel Gibson (complete with Aussie accent) and Sam Neill playing together in pre-Hollywood fame roles. Gibson is the mission leader and Neill is effectively his trusty sidekick. I have to also say John Phillip Law plays the (token) American-Dutch, mandarin-speaking (LOL) character very competently.

The story itself too is quite interesting with its variation on the war against the Japanese in the Pacific, by this time, strongly highlighting the involvement of the ethnic Chinese.

I was pleasantly surprised with this film, as I'm sure others will be too.

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