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Berserk (1967)

Berserk is a movie starring Joan Crawford, Ty Hardin, and Diana Dors. A scheming circus owner finds her authority challenged when the show is targeted by a vicious killer.

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The Synopsis for Berserk (1967) 720p

Monica Rivers is the owner and ringmaster of a traveling circus, and she'll stop at nothing to draw bigger audiences. When a series of mysterious murders begins to occur and some of her performers die gruesomely, her profits soar. She hires high-wire walker Frank Hawkins, impressed by the handsome and muscular young man. They begin an affair which arouses her previous lover Durando's jealousy. When Durando is found dead shortly afterward, the other performers begin to take alarm, as a mysterious killer is obviously loose in their midst. Many suspect Monica herself of the killings, especially Matilda, who has set her sights on Monica's new lover. At this point, Monica's unruly, sixteen-year-old daughter Angela is expelled from school for being incorrigible, and Monica is forced to take her into the circus, allowing her to become the partner of knife-thrower Gustavo. Meanwhile, the dead bodies continue to pile up...

The Director and Players for Berserk (1967) 720p

[Director]Jim O'Connolly
[Role:]Joan Crawford
[Role:]Diana Dors
[Role:]Ty Hardin
[Role:]Michael Gough

The Reviews for Berserk (1967) 720p

not dreadfulReviewed bymukava991Vote: 5/10

Berserk is not as dreadful as I had anticipated. It's a straightforward and reasonably entertaining whodunit set in a traveling circus in Britain. Overall I wouldn't call the pacing slow, as others have, but it is odd. At the beginning the story moves along briskly, as the plot quickly thickens. Then periodically it breaks for extended circus acts that have no bearing on the story, though it could be argued that since we are half expecting a new murder to occur at any moment, we have no choice but to be attentive. Certainly this wouldn't be much of a film without the centerpiece, Joan Crawford, who delivers a forceful performance as the hardboiled boss of the circus. Over sixty, her hair is dyed pinkish blonde and worn tightly pulled back to emphasize her still attractive facial features (and possibly to lift the face) and in half her scenes she is wearing a mistress-of-ceremonies outfit with bare legs. She could still pull it off. But one notices several instances of "Joan Crawford lighting" that started in the 50s if not earlier: in these instances the upper part of her face is high lit but there is a convenient shadow under the chin to de-emphasize the sagging jawline. (These days the average actress of 60-plus has had surgical facelifts.) The tone of her acting here is very much like the performance she gave around the same period on the CBS soap opera The Secret Storm in which she subbed for her ailing daughter who was a regular cast member of the show: full throttle whether necessary or not – but you got your money's worth or at least felt you were being generously served by the performer.

Ty Hardin as a high wire performer who sort of has the hots for Joan (we really can't tell because the script coyly dances around the issue) was on a career downturn at the time this was made and doesn't make much of an impression here. Diana Dors as an abrasive member of Crawford's troupe of performers enlivens every scene she's in. Just when you think she is stealing the film, in steps Crawford to show everyone who's the Star.

The production values are cheap but so well presented that they almost look expensive. Shooting actual circus acts lends an air of plausibility to the film as a whole that the script itself lacks, and one can understand the logic of approaching the production from this angle. If you cut out all of the genuinely interesting circus material this would be very thin gruel indeed. The scoring is also peculiar. Usually it's par-for-the-course sinister/suspenseful. But sometimes it veers off into a lush studio orchestra sound of the kind you'd expect to hear as underscoring to a scene of a limo gliding to a stop in front of a Beverly Hills mansion wherein Lana Turner is longing for love. This disconcerting shift occurs right after the dandy opening scene and credits.

Crawford seems in her element here as a tough lady with responsibilities and she is the main reason to see the film.

Great flick for this genreReviewed bytoml-7Vote: 10/10

A powerful Joan Crawford portrayal makes this film above average for the mystery/suspense genre. Despite some poor dialogue, Berserk remains a jolting film to this day, with kudos to Judy Geeson, Diana Dors and Robert Hardy. Some people do not care for the circus scenes, but I feel that they lend credibility to the proceedings. Best moments: Joan being stalked; Joan walking all over Diana Dors; the ending - a knockout!

Joan Crawford's 2nd to last film--a true horrorReviewed bypreppy-3Vote: 5/10

Monica Rivers (Joan Crawford) is the owner of a traveling circus. One night the tightrope walker's rope breaks. He falls and (somewhat impossibly) is hung by his own rope. The next day Frank Hawkins (Ty Hardin) shows up looking for a job--and he just happens to be a tightrope walker. Rivers hires him...and almost immediately begins romancing him! But then a bunch of gory murders begin happening. Michael Gough gets a spike through the head--Diana Dors is cut in half and there's a real surprising killing at the end.

This is pretty awful. The murders themselves are pretty well-done but that's about it. By today's standards they're not that violent but were really pretty strong for 1968. Most of the film is padding--endless circus acts and pointless, uninteresting material detailing the personal lives of the performers. Also seeing 64 year old Crawford romancing 38 year old Hardin is kind of scary. And Crawford (looking pretty good considering) has many needless dramatic scenes and she overacts all the way. Hardin is very handsome but can't act. Diana Dors does what she can with the miserable sex pot role she was given. Even Michael Gough was bad. Only Judy Geeson gives a halfway interesting performance. And the revelation of the killer at the end is ludicrous. If you think about it, it was impossible for the killer to even perform two of the killings!

Boring, stupid with only a few nice bloody killings to liven it up--but they're few and far between. A real come down for Crawford. Skip it.

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