Critters 4 (1992) 1080p YIFY Movie

Critters 4 (1992) 1080p

Critters 4 is a movie starring Don Keith Opper, Terrence Mann, and Paul Whitthorne. After being cryogenically frozen and waking up on a space station in the near future, the Critters aim to have the unwitting crew for lunch.

IMDB: 4.13 Likes

  • Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi
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  • Language: English
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  • IMDB Rating: 4.1/10 
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The Synopsis for Critters 4 (1992) 1080p

Just before bounty hunter Charile triggers his gun to destroy the last two Critter-eggs, he gets a message that it would be illegal to extinguish the race from the galaxy. He's sent a transporter where he puts the eggs - unfortunately the transporter takes him with it and then gets lost in space. After 53 deep-frozen years, he's found by a private wreckage collector team under the unscrupulous Rick. On behalf of the mighty company Terracor they bring him to an empty space station - but Rick is curious and opens the box... so Charlie has work again, to keep the Critters from eating everybody.

The Director and Players for Critters 4 (1992) 1080p

[Director]Rupert Harvey
[Role:]Terrence Mann
[Role:]Anders Hove
[Role:]Paul Whitthorne
[Role:]Don Keith Opper

The Reviews for Critters 4 (1992) 1080p

In space, no-one can hear you fast-forward.Reviewed byBA_HarrisonVote: 4/10

Angela Bassett and Brad Dourif join Leo DiCaprio in the short list of Oscar-nominated actors to have played second fiddle to the Chiodo Brothers' crap Critter hand-puppets; in this fourth outing for the voracious extraterrestrial fur-balls, Bassett and Dourif play part of the crew of a deep space salvage craft who retrieve a cryogenic pod containing the last two surviving Krite eggs (and Charlie the bounty hunter, once again played by Don Opper). When the pod is opened, the eggs hatch and the aliens go on the rampage.

Krites causing chaos in outer space could have made for a lot of fun, but rather than continue with the camp, B-movie spirit established over the first three Critters films, this effort goes for a much more sober style—something akin to Ridley Scott's Alien (but on a much lower budget).

This approach results in countless scenes of characters wandering down dark corridors littered with ducts and vents from where the toothy creatures might launch an attack, but while this might work wonders when the monsters are truly the stuff of nightmares (like H.R. Giger's genuinely terrifying xenomorph from Alien), the effect isn't anywhere near as effective when the threat is from dumb looking hedgehogs with naff glowing eyes. In the end, Critters 4 is far from scary, never funny, and ultimately very tedious.

Reviewed byN J DarrantVote: 10/10/10

Critters 4 ranks as one of the greatest films of the twentieth century. Theword classic has never been so aptly used as in describing this mind-blowingepic. I agree that the original Critters is the best of the series, but theclaustrophobic tension of the space station in which Critters 4 is setreally must be seen to be believed. I strongly recommend this to anyoneinterested in seeing one of twentieth century's major filmlandmarks.

Critters in spaceReviewed bybowmanblueVote: 5/10

Yes, those nasty killer rolling fur-balls did technically come from space, so seeing them back there isn't that much of a stretch. However, it does just seem like a bit of a gimmick by the film-makers to try and keep a – slightly – tired horror film franchise going.

Critters 4 was made back to back with Critters 3 (a fact that you'll probably have guessed if you watched the 'in-credits' scene that preceded Marvel's in-credits scenes by nearly twenty years), therefore it does follow on perfectly. The last of the Crites' eggs are sent up into space, but naturally they hatch and cause mayhem. Basically, if you've seen one 'monster-on-a-spaceship' film made after 'Alien' then it's basically like this. Or, another way to describe it would be a 'slasher/monster film in space.' You have a load of disposable characters who are there to be killed off by the escaped Crites, a few that you're supposed to care about (but probably don't!) and Charlie – the only major character who's been in all four movies (and this time he's been given top billing!). He's just about the only person you'll care about, as he's from 'our' time and is even more of a fish out of water in space than he is on Earth. However, one good actor can't really help how mundane the overall package is. It just feels rather cheap overall. The sets all look – well – like a set! And I read online that some of the external shots of space and spaceships have been reused from a previous sci-fi movie.

As I've said, if you've seen any monster-in-space film made after 'Alien' then you'll probably have seen this, or better, as it will give you all you need to know about the genre. The kills aren't much to write home about and long time fans of the franchise may disapprove of the way they've changed one of the other long-running characters (or was that just me?). If you love the Critters franchise that much, you may like this. I own it because I have the four disc DVD box set, so I kind of watch it out of duty when I've already seen the first two (same could be said for the third, but this one doesn't even have Leo as a kid to laugh at).

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