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Delirious (1991)

Delirious is a movie starring John Candy, Mariel Hemingway, and Emma Samms. A soap opera writer gets hit on the head and wakes up as a character in his own show.

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  • Genre: Comedy | Fantasy
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  • Run Time: 96
  • IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 
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The Synopsis for Delirious (1991) 720p

Jack is the head writer for a successful soap opera, and he's sweet on the show's star, lovely Laura. It's easy for everyone but Jack to see that she's playing him for a sap. But a conk on the head brings Jack some new insights - and some new powers. He finds himself in Ashford Falls, site of his fictional soap opera -- and everything he writes comes true! It's a fantastic opportunity to get Rachel, Laura's character, to fall in love with him. But life isn't easy even in the fictional world, and even when you're the author!

The Director and Players for Delirious (1991) 720p

[Director]Tom Mankiewicz
[Role:]Mariel Hemingway
[Role:]John Candy
[Role:]Raymond Burr
[Role:]Emma Samms

The Reviews for Delirious (1991) 720p

A Great Candy MovieReviewed bysagdasgggVote: 10/10

There are only a few actors in the same category as John Candy when it comes to 90's comedy. The reasons that this movie does not rank as one of the best movies of its genre are a good,not great, script, no special effects, and only one star. Unlike movies with good scripts, and single stars, Groundhog Day and Uncle Buck, there was nothing to be done with this premise. For other movies with missed potential one needs look no farther than movies like Godfather 3, Bram Stokers Dracula, Waterworld, The Fan, etc. The difference between those movies and this one is that the star had nothing to do with any of the films perceived problems. If you like John Candy, and if you don't you are an idiot, this is a great flick. His other movies that are worth an evening, doesn't matter which evening they are worth showing up late for work, are Uncle Buck, The Great Outdoors, Plains Trains and Automobiles, Once Upon a Crime, Brewster's Millions, Spaceballs, Stripes, Nothing but Trouble, and Who's Harry Crumb. They are all a little zany, except for Planes Trains and Automobiles which is still one of the only movies that will make me cry no matter when, how or, who I see it with. Want proof that Candy can act, watch Planes he plays such a sad and honest character that there is no doubt that he has what it takes. John Candy is one of the Great comedic actors of the second golden age of American cinema, he is set apart from other notables by his lack of personal problems, his candor, and zest for life. We should all be as fortunate as he for the blessings he was given. Mr. Candy you are and will be missed, and for as long as there are roofs there will be those of us who shout your name from atop them.

Long Live SCTV, John Candy and the best Julia Child I have ever seen.

CreativeReviewed byJobe#1Vote: 10/10

Delirious is a creative and funny master piece. I enjoyed every minute that I watch of the show. It was very nonpredictable and suprised me many of times. The writers of this show wrote this movie with style, and having John Candy, the greatest actor in the world, made the movie that much better. It was enjoyable and fun to watch. It is even a great show to bring your kids to. i would recommend this show to anybody who likes comedy and likes John Candy.

Fun film, not a classic, but has its momentsReviewed bystuprinceVote: 7/10

An enjoyable premise and pulled off really well in spots, Delirious is a fun film that spoofs soap's (similar to the TV show Soap)by allowing a soap writer played by John Candy to dream that he is in the soap opera he writes for. While it the dream, he can change what is happening each moment by simply typing it out on his typewriter, most of what he writes involves his anger toward the shows other writers and a vehicle to make himself a sexy leading man while wooing his love interest played by Emma Sands. Because at some moments Candy's character is simply trying to get rid of people, Candy writes some funny, if weird, things that the characters can't even figure out why they are doing them.

Although the movie lags in places, it has some of the funniest lines I have ever heard in movies, especially the Robert Wagner lines about Cleveland and the running gag about cable TV repairmen and having to wait for them. The cable gag is really dated (I haven't had black bar issues in about 15 years)as is other parts of the film, but it still works.

Raymond Burr does a great deadpan job in his final theatrical performance. Muriel Hemmingway really stinks it up, the rest of the cast is made up of soap actors who do a nice job of spoofing their own genre.

Another good flick that spoofs soaps is Soapdish, does not have the fantasy piece of Delirious, but is also very funny.

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