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Hold the Dark (2018)

After the deaths of three children suspected to be killed by wolves, writer Russell Core is hired by the parents of a missing six-year-old boy to track down and locate their son in the Alaskan wilderness.

IMDB: 6.17 Likes

  • Genre: Adventure | Drama
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  • Size: 1.06G
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 125
  • IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 22 / 207

The Synopsis for Hold the Dark (2018) 720p

Retired naturalist and wolf expert Russell Core journeys to the edge of civilization in northern Alaska at the pleading of Medora Slone, a young mother whose son was killed by a pack of wolves. As Core attempts to help Medora track down the wolves who took her son, a strange and dangerous relationship develops between the two lonely souls. But when Medora's husband Vernon returns home from the Iraq War, the news of his child's death ignites a violent chain of events. As local cop, Donald Marium, races to stop Vernon's vengeful rampage, Core is forced on a perilous odyssey into the heart of darkness.

The Director and Players for Hold the Dark (2018) 720p

[Director]Jeremy Saulnier
[Role:]James Badge Dale
[Role:]Jeffrey Wright
[Role:]Alexander Skarsgard
[Role:]Riley Keough

The Reviews for Hold the Dark (2018) 720p

The film is more concerned with tone, atmosphere and theme than it is with character or plot.Reviewed byRandom3Vote: 7/10

I loved Green Room, but this was a very different movie. I don't really know what to make of it, because it is a film that doesn't have much of a plot, has characters that rarely speak, and is quite a slow burn. This is the kind of film that if you half-watch whilst doing something else, you would almost certainly hate it.

So the setup for the film doesn't matter really because within the first 20 minutes it has gone off those rails, but the setup is that a woman's child has been taken by wolves (the third child in the town to have gone missing) and so she writes a letter to a wildlife expert and author to come to Alaska and hunt down the wolves that did it. The film takes so many twists and turns very suddenly and abruptly that by the time it ends you kinda forget that this is how it started. The film is more concerned with tone, atmosphere and theme than it is with character or plot.

As expected the film is pretty damn violent. Not quite Green Room-level, but when it happens you feel it. It also happens very abruptly and suddenly, with little to no hint that anything is about to happen.

Overall the film reminded me of so many other films, but stands on its own as something unlike any of them. It had elements of Wind River, The VVitch, The Grey and Prisoners, but it really is a unique movie. It is somewhere between a 6/10 and a 7/10 for me but it is interesting and unique enough for me to say 7/10 for now. Definitely need to rewatch it.

Never gets the message acrossReviewed bylarsmeister1Vote: 1/10

Terrrible movie that once again leads you down twists and turns, eventually getting nowhere. Bitterly disappointing, to think I compared it to The Grey is an insult to its predecessor. Maybe people like a movie that just ends without giving any reasoning or premise, or maybe the director tried too hard. I rarely rate movies but this time I felt compelled due to the fact this movie was such a let down. Slow, dull, there was a sense of dread but that was more from sheer boredom. Avoid.

An atmospheric success that is far from perfectReviewed byt-viktor212Vote: 7/10

I can't clearly determine what "Hold the dark" is: a sophisticated film that seems mindless or a mindless thriller that seems sophisticated. Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable view.

Hold the dark is complex: partly a thriller, partly a mystery film, partly a crime film. It reminds me of many films and tv shows: Prisoners, No Country for Old Men, The Grey, Twin Peaks and True Detective.

Visually, Hold the dark is one of those films that I wish I could see on a big screen rather than online. It's photography and alaskan scenery are often gorgeous.Generally, from a technical point of view, including in terms of acting, it is outstanding.

It is an atmospheric success: the eerie, dark theme of the film is almost palpable.There isn't any unnecessary dialogue and silence is overall well handled.It is a film filled with rural mysticism, a very peculiar subject, which often leads to such utterly irrational events that sometimes seem blatantly stupid. This often made me question whether it's because of the director's style (I haven't seen other movies from Saulnier), because I missed something, because of the mystic subtheme or because the plot is simply at times stupid.

I myself don't like the term 'poor writing' used in many reviews, but while watching "Hold the dark" the thought often popped to my mind. There are several scenes of violence, changes of heart, actions that character do that seem nonsensical. The worst part is that probably they were intented to be so 'mindless', but the film seemed to lack something that confirms this. This aspect is what provides the mixed feelings I'm trying to express.

I can't resolutely give a high rating to this movie. Although it is stylistically perfect, and it lends this permanent feeling that it's trying to tell something important, Hold the dark ultimately fails to deliver its message.

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