Moby Dick (1956) 1080p YIFY Movie

Moby Dick (1956) 1080p

Moby Dick is a movie starring Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart, and Leo Genn. The sole survivor of a lost whaling ship relates the tale of his captain's self-destructive obsession to hunt the white whale, Moby Dick.

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The Synopsis for Moby Dick (1956) 1080p

This classic story by Herman Melville revolves around Captain Ahab and his obsession with a huge whale, Moby Dick. The whale caused the loss of Ahab's leg years before, leaving Ahab to stomp the boards of his ship on a peg leg. Ahab is so crazed by his desire to kill the whale, that he is prepared to sacrifice everything, including his life, the lives of his crew members, and even his ship to find and destroy his nemesis, Moby Dick.

The Director and Players for Moby Dick (1956) 1080p

[Role:]James Robertson Justice
[Role:]Leo Genn
[Role:]Richard Basehart
[Role:]Gregory Peck
[Role:Director]John Huston

The Reviews for Moby Dick (1956) 1080p

Easier to Watch than the Book to ReadReviewed byragosaalVote: 7/10

I red Herman Melville's book "Moby Dick" some years ago and though the story was really captivating and I enjoyed it very much but somehow it seemed too long to me. This film version by John Houston lasts a couple of hours and I think it works very good as a resume of Captain Ahab's revengeful chase of the white whale. Don't get me wrong: the book is a classic and a very good one too but it is movies we're talking about here.

"Moby Dick" is a real good adventure film and Houston's direction is pretty accurate. He delivers the plot slowly but constantly up to the moment we are all waiting for: the appearance of the whale ("huge as mountain of snow"). In the meantime he shows the different characters on board the "Pequod" such as the professional Mr. Starbuck, the second in command; the tough and at he same time friendly Mr. Stubb; the mysterious Queequegg with his body covered by tattoos; and Ishmael the newcomer in search for adventure.

But the center of the whole thing is Captain Ahab with his leg ripped of by the white whale and living with the only purpose of taking revenge of the beast. Nothing else matters for him. And so obsessed Ahab is that he finally passes his madness into his men too.

Gregory Peck brings a fine performance as the tortured and insane Captain and he shows perfectly he has been a dead man long before his meeting at sea with Moby Dick. Leo Genn is good too as well as Harry Andrews as Stubb (I can't recall a bad performance from Andrews in all his many appearances as a supporting actor). Richard Basehart is correct in the role of Ishmael, though perhaps his acting is a little too light here.

The final battle between the men and the white whale is outstanding or even more if you consider it was made with the special effects of the 50's. Huston shows his skill here too.

Watch this film if you missed it (don't go for that recent too long all computer TV version starring Patrick Stewart as Ahab); you'll sure enjoy it if you like high classic adventure with psychology in the characters too.

A Disney movieReviewed byalvor-samVote: 4/10

And I don't mean that in a good sense. It's slightly better than Treasure Island from 1950. A movie that is "old" doesn't make it a "classic", you know. Yes, it was the first and most important movie version of the acclaimed book, but the directing isn't particularly good in the dialogue scenes, they are too stiff and unnatural—I'm guessing the tone and spirit on the set wasn't the easiest (an assumption). Not going to call it over-played, I instead blame it on the director. On the flip-side the filming on the ship is fantastic, technically speaking.

I heartily recommend the 1998 made-for-TV picture with Patrick Stewart instead. But don't forget to watch this for historical reasons, and to be able to answer "yes" when people ask you if you've seen it.

If you like this review, I'll buy you a glass of rum. - Thank you for reading!

Intriguing Gregory Peck PerfomanceReviewed byperfectbondVote: 7/10

Gregory Peck gives a riveting portrayal of Captain Ahab, a man obsessed with hunting down the white whale, Moby Dick, who disfigured him years earlier. I haven't read the Herman Melville novel on which this film is based so I can't comment on it as as adaptation. Standing alone as a

film however, it was very entertaining. Peck draws the viewer in and makes him believe in (and fear) his obsession. The audience instantly becomes familiar with the hard life and the hopes of Ahab and his men

as they engage in the ageless confrontation between man and nature. The special effects are suprisingly good for the era in which they were created. Very good film, 8/10.

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