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Mr. Majestyk (1974)

Mr. Majestyk is a movie starring Charles Bronson, Linda Cristal, and Al Lettieri. A melon farmer battles organized crime and a hit man who wants to kill him.

IMDB: 6.83 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Crime
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  • Run Time: 103
  • IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 
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The Synopsis for Mr. Majestyk (1974) 720p

Vietnam veteran Vince Majestyk just wants to grow his watermelons and live in peace on his farm. But the local mob boss has different ideas. When his workers are threatened Mr. Majestyk decides to lend them a hand but then the wrath of the mob is turned onto Mr. Majestyk himself. The poor mobsters don't stand a chance.

The Director and Players for Mr. Majestyk (1974) 720p

[Director]Richard Fleischer
[Role:]Charles Bronson
[Role:]Lee Purcell
[Role:]Al Lettieri
[Role:]Linda Cristal

The Reviews for Mr. Majestyk (1974) 720p

Two words: Bronson rulesReviewed byMika Pyk?l?aho ([email protected])Vote: 5/10

Why do I love Charles Bronson when he is at his best? "Mr. Majestyk" alone gives about 103 minutes of good reason to do so. It's an excellent proof that Bronson really was the biggest action stars of cinema history and alongside with terrific classics like "Once upon a time in the west", "The Mechanic" and "Death wish" this is the film Bronson lovers will remember him by. I love everything about this movie. I love the inventive action scenes, silly yet exciting story, the amusing baddies, Charles Bernstein's cool score and 53 year old Bronson's irresistible performance as the toughest melon farmer the world has ever seen. If you call yourself a Bronson fan and you haven't seen this you have to do something about it immediately or you can't watch yourself in a mirror.

"I got a melon to pick"Reviewed byMisterWhiplashVote: 7/10

Mr. Majestyk isn't great art, but then Charles Bronson hasn't often been in many movies (Once Upon a Time in the West and possibly the Great Escape as exceptions) that might even be considered full-on 'films'. He's a movie-star, and on the B-side of the record, so to speak, of 1974's Death Wish was this little diddy where he plays, of all things, a melon farmer. But don't let that fool you into thinking this movie's a campy push-over. The first part of that might be true here and there, as it's hard to avoid it being a little goofy seeing a guy like Bronson as a farmer. Elmore Leonard as screenwriter, however, elevates the material to being fun without being overly stupid. Richard Fleischer as director, too, keeps the material afloat above that dangerous level of being one of those more forgettable Bronson programmers of the 80s. This is a writer, director and star all knowing what can be done with the material, and it works for what it's worth. I loved seeing some of the action, even if it early on is fairly brief (albeit with an amazing shot of Bronson literally crashing out of the back window of a car), and there's always a fresh way in terms of attitude with him.

Mr. Majestyk is, if nothing else, a showcase for Bronson and his 'quiet but don't-f***-with-me' take on his character. He's believable because of a very simple character establishment- a war hero, already served time, divorced, just wanting to do his work, right? Wrong. He gets put in jail for getting in a scuffle with a cowboy (a funny scene all-around), gets put into a rock and a hard place with a mob boss (Al Lettieri) who is obsessed with rubbing him out for almost taking him back to jail. Soon, once the melons get involved, it becomes a mano-a-mano movie. Some of the acting is less than great, specifically from Linda Cristal as the Migrant lady whom Bronson's Majestyk falls for. But all the way the sense of tongue-in-cheek never becomes too much, as a mob movie crossed with vigilante drama could get. It's just enough to garner some big dumb grins, and mostly it's very professionally shot and scored in a very 70s style too. It's a tough better than average 'guy' action-genre movie, and definitely one of the Bronson vehicles I'd recommend.

"You make sounds like you're a mean little ass-kicker... only I ain't convinced. You keep talking and I'm gonna take your head off. "Reviewed byemperor_benderVote: 7/10

This was a very hit-and-miss movie. I personally enjoyed it, but I can see why people wouldn't be so interested.

The plot is simple but at the same time, hard to fully understand. A melon farmer named Vince Majestyk (Charles Bronson) is going about his business until one day, a smart-mouth gangster wannabe named Bobby Kopas (Paul Koslo) shows up and threatens Majestyk and whatnot. Majestyk sends him packing and soon lands in more trouble and has a run-in with a mafia hit-man named Frank Renda (Al Lettieri). Renda and Bobby soon form an alliance and repeatedly make Majestyk's life hell.

Now, as far as acting goes, this one was great. The characters were either liked or hated. And sometimes, they were both.

Charles Bronson was most definitely the thing that made this movie great. His lines, attitude, and his way of serving justice were just excellent.

Over all, good movie for some, not so much for others. I'm on the side that likes this movie.


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