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Set It Up (2018)

Two corporate executive assistants hatch a plan to match-make their two bosses.

IMDB: 6.73 Likes

  • Genre: Comedy | Romance
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 105
  • IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 17 / 337

The Synopsis for Set It Up (2018) 720p

Two young assistants in New York City realize they can make their lives easier by setting up their workaholics bosses to date. While trying to perpetuate this romantic ruse between their nightmare bosses, the assistants realize they might be right for each other.

The Director and Players for Set It Up (2018) 720p

[Director]Claire Scanlon
[Role:]Zoey Deutch
[Role:]Lucy Liu
[Role:]Pete Davidson

The Reviews for Set It Up (2018) 720p

Not very funny, over-exaggerated acting of the horrible bossesReviewed bytx-30948Vote: 2/10

The trailer looked promising to me, and reminded me of Horrible Bosses 1 & 2, which I quite enjoyed.

I also like three of the four main actors, as I already know them from various appearances (Scream Queens, Ally McBeal etc.). Only the actor playing the male boss was unknown to me.

Unfortunately, the movie was a big, big let down.

First, for a supposed comedy, it was not very funny, brining laughter only once in a while and moderately. This is the opposite of Horrible Bosses.

Another major negative relates to the bosses, and this is a key difference with the Horrible Bosses movies.

The male boss' reactions and talk are so exaggerated they are unbelievable. Of course, he has to be horrible, but he almost only appears screaming or so, yelling at people, and there is nothing that could make us feel he is a human. It is impossible to get immersed or willing to follow what happens to him, which is not what should happen.

The female boss is less exaggerated overall, although many times, she's also inhuman given the ovelyr-excessive reactions and talk.

In Horrible Bosses, bosses were real humans (acting badly). I wanted to know what would happen to them. They were also more present.

The two lead characters (the bosses' assistants) are OK-ish, although the way they accept what their bosses ask them to do and how they treat them is not always believable or relatable. While I liked Glen Powell a lot in Screem Queens, he appears rather transparent and superficial in this movie. Zoey Deutch performance and contribution was OK I suppose.

The lead assistants' partners are moderately present. The female assistant's boyfriend is barely visible, but the male assistant's girlfriend is somewhat more present.

Also disturbing to me, it is unclear whether the movie wants to be a romance. While many parts point to that, there is a significant amount of vulgarity, which is hard to reconcile with true romance.

At the end of the day, a promising cast and idea, but a horrible output.

MasterpieceReviewed bypierceo33Vote: 10/10


The movie could not have been better. The movie was amazing and I do not regret watching it for a second I was entertained throughout the entire movie. The comedy and romance were the modest important factors of this movie. I hope to meet all of the actors in real life and thank them personally for making this masterpiece together.

It is exactly what you would expect from this type of filmReviewed byLugo1989Vote: 6/10

Lately, romantic comedies somehow all feel the same. Even though Set It Up brings nothing new to the formula, it is still more enjoyable than most films in this genre. The two main characters are lovable and have good chemistry. Their bosses are your typical office dragons and barely treat anyone else as human beings. The dialogue is quite witty and the pace is good too. When it comes to the plot development and the ending, it is all predictable and exactly like you probably expected. One of the positives is that it is actually not that terribly cheesy. There are a couple of scenes towards the end that will put you in danger of getting diabetes but other than that, it is not that bad. It is a nice date film or something to watch if you wish to relax for a bit.

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