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Shark Tale (2004) 1080p

Shark Tale is a movie starring Will Smith, Robert De Niro, and Renée Zellweger. When a son of a gangster shark boss is accidentally killed while on the hunt, his would-be prey and his vegetarian brother decide to use the incident to...

IMDB: 6.00 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Adventure
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 90
  • IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 2

The Synopsis for Shark Tale (2004) 1080p

The sea underworld is shaken up when the son of the shark mob boss is found dead and a young fish named Oscar is found at the scene. Being a bottom feeder, Oscar takes advantage of the situation and makes himself look like he killed the finned mobster. Oscar soon comes to realize that his claim may have serious consequences.

The Director and Players for Shark Tale (2004) 1080p

[Director]Bibo Bergeron
[Role:]Angelina Jolie
[Role:]Will Smith
[Role:]Robert De Niro
[Role:]Renee Zellweger

The Reviews for Shark Tale (2004) 1080p

Big Name Stars Don't Make The Film Any Better.Reviewed byMatt_LaydenVote: 4/10

A mafia film of sorts, set underwater and with fish. Will Smith is Oscar, a fish that lies about killing a shark. The shark was actually killed by a dropped anchor, yet Oscar was at the scene and is now known as the Sharkslayer. Mob Boss Robert DeNiro hears about his son's death and takes matters into his own hands, this doesn't bode well for Oscar.

Shark Tale at first glance seems to be a mere rip off of Finding Nemo. The Pixar film that had fish as their main characters was charming, funny and adventurous. It's not fair to compare the two, since this film lacks all of those ingredients. Shark Tale instead relies on pop-culture references to get the adults smirking and the bright colourful fish to get the kids wanting the toys. The story, the animation and the fun are all below the bar. With every film that is released by Dreamworks, the inevitable will happen. People will compare it to Pixar. Pixar is simply in another league, they seem to care about their stories and characters and not just having a bunch of people cash in on the current craze.

Shark Tale has an impressive cast, if this were a live action dramatic film, starring Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Robert DeNiro and was directed by Scoresese, then we might have a masterpiece on our hands. Alas, the actors of this world think that just because they lend their voice to an animated character, that their job is half done for them. Jack Black works in this film, even DeNiro, who plays up on his past roles. Jolie, Zellweger and Smith do not. They have nothing to add to the film that some nameless actress/actor could have done.

There is no sense of adventure. We are trapped under the sea instead of exploring the depths of this world. It was interesting to see the fish life here, but I'm sure we've all seen creative takes on modern life in a film that has an odd setting, The Flinstones is famous for this.

I still hear people talking about Finding Nemo today, hell even older animated films like Toy Story, but Shark Tale seemed to have faded the next day after the release. It's not memorable to kids, nor will adults find any real charm or wit. The film tries to hard with a lot of the jokes and references that it becomes tiresome.

Shark Tale fails because it would rather have big name stars on the poster, than a tangible and interesting story. I'm sorry, but at the end of the day, what matters most in a film is the story. Sure, it can be done before, but as long as the story teller and the story telling is good and has my interest, I'm game. Shark Tale did none of this and it felt lazy, much like the cast.

Reviewed byMick LaSalleVote: 3/4/10

An entertaining 90 minutes.

Not too bad, but not too good either.Reviewed bybaba44713Vote: 5/10

Round two of the Pixar/Dreamworks choose-a-theme competition scores once again for Pixar.

Remember when a few years ago there were two animated ant movies to choose from? I think they even came at the same time in the theaters in my country. One was AntZ, the other was A Bug's Life. The first one was rumoured to be more suited to adults, the other a kiddie movie. While that statement had some merit, at the end it turned out that A Bug's Life was a far better movie entertainment-wise, despite cuter characters and simpler story and all that kiddie-like appearance. AntZ were just plain dull.

Pixar seems to like choosing a simple story, one that a kid can understand, and than building upon it creating a wonderful movie for all ages. Dreamworks builds his scripts on pop-culture references and more adult themes, and while it works sometimes (Shrek was fantastic), at other times it just falls flat.

Some say it's unfair to compare Finding Nemo and Shark Tale, them being totally different movies with the only matching characteristic being antropomorphic fish, but it seems that the comparison is inevitable. It's the ants thing all over again. Finding Nemo was simply wonderful, great movie with a perfect sense of humour and memorable characters. Sure, they were cute and cuddly, but they had a soul.

Shark Tale, again, tries to appeal to the adults, but this time the results are even worse. The characters are not so important as the cast is, even so much that we are being sledgehammered on the head in who's playing who. A word to the wise - I don't care how big the names doing the voicework are, I want to immerse in the movie's story. When I saw Shrek, I didn't see Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy there, I saw Shrek and Donkey. Here I see De Niro, Smith, Scorsese and so on. At one point I even caught myself wondering why the other fish keep calling Will Smith "Oscar".

As for the story, it kind of drags along. I couldn't really sympathize with the lead character - he is at the same time stupid and so full of himself that I didn't care about his motivations or the messes he got himself into. Also, somehow the story didn't map so well in the underwater world. What is the Shark mafia exactly ? Are they supposed to be predators or criminals? Basically the mafia thing is here only to serve as a playground for mob-movie references, but it serves no purpose story-wise. Also, the entire world seems very unbelievable. Flahing electrical neon signs? Fire hydrants? It actually backfires, since instead of getting a kick out of fishes living like humans, mostly you feel like you're watching an alien movie, with the aliens resembling our world's fishes in some ways.

All in all, I did enjoy the movie, but only in the sense that I didn't feel cheated out of my money. A couple of the jokes worked, some pop-culture references were funny, the movie was not too boring. But when I remember that after Nemo or Incredibles I was smiling even a few hours after the movie, then I see that Shark Tale ain't what it possibly could be. It's just a popcorn movie, easily forgettable. And rightfully so.

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