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Summer with Monika (1953)

Sommaren med Monika is a movie starring Harriet Andersson, Lars Ekborg, and Dagmar Ebbesen. A pair of teenagers meet one summer day, start a reckless affair and abandon their families to be with one another.

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The Synopsis for Summer with Monika (1953) 720p

Harry Lund is a nineteen-year-old man who meets Monika, a romantic, reckless and rebellious seventeen-year-old, and they fall in love. They leave their families and jobs in their small town, Harry gets his father's boat and they spend the summer together in an isolated island. Monika gets pregnant, and Harry decides to marry her. He grows up, gets a job and returns to his studies, trying to improve their lives and raise their daughter June, while Monika just wants to have fun.

The Director and Players for Summer with Monika (1953) 720p

[Director]Ingmar Bergman
[Role:]?ke Fridell
[Role:]Dagmar Ebbesen
[Role:]Lars Ekborg
[Role:]Harriet Andersson

The Reviews for Summer with Monika (1953) 720p

SUMMER WITH MONIKA (Ingmar Bergman, 1953) ***Reviewed byBunuel1976Vote: 7/10

Good early Bergman which is surprisingly easy-going for the most part – displaying rare moments of tenderness in its relationship between a young couple. This is probably due to the fact that he didn’t write the script himself – so that the film is generally free of the director’s trademark spiritual probing (often descending into histrionics). However, it does turn sober halfway through (with the couple’s dream of independence having gone sour and their even less happy married life) – and, by the end, the thin plot and deliberate pacing ensure that the film becomes just as tiresome as the typical Bergman outing! Still, there are considerable assets: above all Harriet Andersson’s radiant leading performance (in the first of 11 collaborations with the director – her brief nude scene in this film proved a sensation) and Bergman’s keen perception of the human condition (here also demonstrating an exceptional feel for nature and the remote Scandinavian landscape).

a sleeper-classic, naturalistic, with trademark-Bergman imageryReviewed byMisterWhiplashVote: 7/10

Summer with Monika is a very fine, sometimes masterful showcase of what would be to come with Ingmar Bergman's more notable and personal dramas. That is, in the technical side of things; here he uses a lot of shots that are simply there for the location, the imagery of the rocks and beach and waters where the characters are at. It's much more in a sense of a documentary of these two people than a usual tale of young love. But it's a good story at the core, and in it Bergman also establishes one of the actresses that would become crucial to his career.

Harriet Andersson is remarkable as the happy, though high strung and (as one in my generation might call) 'needy' Monika, who works at a vegetable stand. She meets Harry (Ekberg) in a bar one day, and the two hit it off after later seeing a movie. Monika's home life is the pits, as is Harry's work environment. So, they act on an impulse to get away for the summer to an island. Out of that comes what is very natural in a relationship- happiness, love, despair, hunger, and the oncoming (unplanned) child. The third act goes as how one might expect, but the way it's filmed and acted is still extraordinary.

Once Bergman gets his film on the water, he just shoots and shoots. Some of this may not seem to go anywhere, some of it may just seem like shots of animals and rocks. But I have a feeling Bergman was likely inspired by either painters or the neo-realists with their documentary feel. If nothing else, everything feels very much alive and real with how the characters talk and act to each other, and that doesn't lose its ground after fifty years.

Some shots here and there (one when Monika is out one night, when Harry is not at home, is intriguing on how it just stays on her, and how it's lit) are some of the more memorable ones of the 1950's for the director. I also liked how the characters were believably stuck in the middle of a very plausible dilemma- do they keep on going on with a great, bit love affair alone and off from civilization, or do they face up to what they have to do with living? It's a tragic, somewhat obvious conclusion, but the way it's told is how it scores some points.

Basically, Summer with Monika is a fresh, dark love story that may appeal to those looking for a good alternative to a film of today loaded with cynicism or delight in the shrill conventions with the characters. One may have seen characters like Monika and Harry in other films, yet they are fitting for the style of Bergman's precise bittersweet whimsy and depth.

Passion and conscienceReviewed byexorbitanteVote: 7/10

Monika is going for the Summer of her life. No longer a child she dreams of freedom and living the most of her own existence. She finds herself in the middle of a struggle between her tedious family life and work and the pungent idealistic thoughts that cross her mind. When she finds an ally- Harry, the love between them comes spontaneously and the escape from their misfortune seems possible. And then the summer comes to heat their naked skins as they reveal their bodies and souls to find the freedom they were looking for. As they feel freedom approaching they're caught by human fate. Monika is an adult now, the summer has ended. Ideals are dead and there is no freedom for mortals. Still life goes on. (More life still goes on.) No place for pessimism in this brilliant film by Ingmar Bergman. A very conscientious look into the passage to adulthood, still hopeful as it is firmly connected with the nature of beings, as it is full of passion for life as it is.

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