The Plague Dogs (1982) 720p YIFY Movie

The Plague Dogs (1982)

The Plague Dogs is a movie starring John Hurt, Christopher Benjamin, and James Bolam. Two dogs escape from a laboratory and are hunted as possible carriers of the bubonic plague.

IMDB: 7.90 Likes

  • Genre: Animation | Adventure
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 103
  • IMDB Rating: 7.9/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 3 / 1

The Synopsis for The Plague Dogs (1982) 720p

An animated adaptation of Richard Adams' novel, about a pair of dogs (Snitter and Rowf) who escape from a research laboratory and try to survive in the wild with the help of a cunning fox (The Tod). The lab director tries to keep the escape quiet, but as an increasing number of sheep are found killed, word leaks out, together with rumors that the dogs might be plague carriers.

The Director and Players for The Plague Dogs (1982) 720p

[Director]Martin Rosen
[Role:]Nigel Hawthorne
[Role:]John Hurt
[Role:]Christopher Benjamin
[Role:]James Bolam

The Reviews for The Plague Dogs (1982) 720p

I hugged my puppyReviewed byfox_tabathaVote: 10/10

A perfect film. Strong characters, wonderful animation; a rarity. It manages to be real; it actually CAPTURES the totality of its components without catering to any audience.

It's a difficult film to watch. You suffer alongside, vicariously. The hardships portrayed here are viciously painful. You'll hug your pets tight and be glad they wound up as your pets.

This movie is very special - considering the content, it could have easily been pandering and preachy. It manages to go so far beyond anything you've ever experienced. It's quite an achievement on every level.

It won't leave you happy, but it will affect you permanently. It is emotional, but never manipulative. It's a tragic and unrecognized masterpiece.

brilliantReviewed byfuchsia-roseVote: 10/10

simply the best animated film i have seen.nemo's great but this one hits you in places others won't and probably never will again..i watched this back in the early 80's and never forgot it..its great that it has been released on dvd as i have been after it for years..for all those who have not seen it i recommend you to see it as it will always stay with you..its not your average kids animated movie and many were shocked when it was first released..there is one particlar gory scene with a farmer and a shotgun, say no more don't want to spoil it..and this scene could not have been animated and script watership down every time! I have never been so moved as i have with this film..

good animation, story, and voice actingReviewed byShimmySnailVote: 7/10

Here's a winner. As with many animations these days, this one can be watched by kids, but it is not specifically for kids. The same author wrote Watership Down, another animated movie that is equally depressing. The reason this adult movie is animated, probably, is that it's easier to get animated dogs to act out an hour and a half long movie. These days, with computer graphics, there is another option, but the animation is so excellently done that it's a pleasure just to watch.

This is a story about two dogs that escape from a kennel of some sort and begin to wander the British countryside, looking for...they're not sure. One, Snitter, likes humans and wants companionship, but the other Rowf, distrusts them and is afraid of them. In any case the chances of two domestic animals surviving in a harsh wild is already slim, but it gets worse. We hear radios in the background give hints of what's really going on. The dogs were infected with a plague, deliberately, which means that they're being sought by a huge human dragnet, and even if they survive, might die of disease anyway. The implication is that they are subjects in a forbidden biological weapons program, however, the focus is on the dogs and their world. They do seek out human help, they seek help from wild animals, and they try to find somewhere they can hide forever. In that way, it's like Watership Down, but really the core message, to me, is that people have to think about the consequences of their actions, which have a much greater effect than anyone thinks about. In this case, it's quite a problem for the army to track down the dogs, but more importantly, the dogs have a world, too, and they are affected far more negatively.

The movie is out on DVD for Europe, and the original 98 minute version has just been released, but it's so good, I believe this may finally push me towards buying a DVD player than can play the many DVD's that only seem to be released to a European audience.

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