World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen (2015) 1080p YIFY Movie

World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen (2015) 1080p

World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen is a movie starring Philip Barantini, Robert Bladen, and Kacey Clarke. To celebrate the centenary of WW1, a TV Documentary team travels to the Somme to put together a ratings smash about new...

IMDB: 3.31 Likes

  • Genre: Horror |
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 1.28G
  • Resolution: 1920*1080 / 23.976 fpsfps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 80
  • IMDB Rating: 3.3/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 6

The Synopsis for World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen (2015) 1080p

To celebrate the centenary of WW1, a TV Documentary team travels to the Somme to put together a ratings smash about new mysteries relating to the famous battle. However, what they unearth is far from a new story of those that died 100 years ago - but an army of the undead and a brand new war.

The Director and Players for World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen (2015) 1080p

[Director]Freddie Hutton-Mills
[Role:]Philip Barantini
[Role:]Kacey Barnfield
[Role:]Kyle Frank
[Role:]Robert Bladen

The Reviews for World War Dead: Rise of the Fallen (2015) 1080p

{The Star Wars? of WWI Horrors} ?Reviewed bytheacornmanVote: 8/10

This masterpiece changed my career path. I went from working 9 to 5 at McDonald's to my new dream job of hunting zombies. I've always been fond of WWI, after the stories my great grandfather told, its been a major part of my lyfe.In particular this film inspired my bloodlust craze for brains. Much the same way as Order 66 in Star Wars: Revenge of the South Park Episode III? A Star Wars Story? bought about my hatred for Jedi. I especially enjoyed not being able to see anything for a solid half hour. Putting me into the shoes of the 2D characters in this film.Would recommend to any avid Star Wars? fan? It should be Canon.I rate 2^0.5/8^1/3

High school film projectReviewed byDavid IgraVote: 3/10

Had it been a production of a group of high school kids it would've been perceived as funny and rather a successful first attempt of movie making. But being as this project actually has some established actors in it, one can only marvel at how that came about to be.

The film makes good use of many old tricks and methods in order to scare the viewer without actually showing much of anything. When done properly it can work, however in this case it's just sad and shows clearly how the film budget must've been no more than a couple of thousand euros.

The film is just terrible.

Weak all aroundReviewed byrushknightVote: 2/10

Found footage features depend on one thing above all: believability. Almost every found footage movie begins by giving you some indication that the footage was discovered and "compiled" by authorities, then later leaked to the general masses. In short, it's a documentary. This illusion is generally effective when dealing with anything possible (floods, natural disasters, outbreaks of disease, serial killers), but becomes weak and convoluted when faced with anything improbable (zombies, vampires, ghosts).

As this is a zombie feature, believability is already at stake. The initial implication that this is "real" immediately makes no impression. It comes off as merely routine.

Shortly after, other factors follow that contribute nothing to believability, and yet continue to be standards in found footage movie making:

1. Too many camera angles to be possible for one camera.

2. Sound is too consistent as the scenes jumps back and forth between angles. An impossibility for one camera.

3. Lighting is too good to be real. It's clearly studio work.

4. The camera continually falls into the perfect position for filming, even though no one is thinking about it or even using it.

5. The fact that the camera is still on!

6. There's even a scene where the camera itself is videoed! Are you kidding me? Really???

7. All the digitally induced fuzz doesn't even look remotely real, or even have a reason for happening.

8. There's a soundtrack. Nice of the authorities to put that in so that viewers of their documentary will be more interested.

Then there's the acting, and the plot.. I'll just sum it all up with "It's unconvincing."

All of these little pieces simply do not add up, instead the movie suffers from the greatest weakness a movie can suffer from: It was boring.

Oh, and it finishes with some grinding electric guitar music, which is the only true constant in zombie films.

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